Stop Your Body Aches!

Published: 13th October 2009
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You attended your first step over, moved the entire contents of your house in 24 hours or run a marathon? You are certainly very proud of you ... and stiff! To fight against these muscle pain caused by exercise, learn a few simple actions.
The achiness is what?

The aches are muscular pains which usually occur after a major effort or viral infections (e.g. influenza). Without gravity, aches usually do not point their noses those 24 to 48 hours after exercise: the famous pain two days later! They can then take several days to disappear.

Aches, when the muscles suffer

When one or more muscles are widely solicited, small lesions occur in muscle fibers. The body will then respond by triggering an inflammatory response: it is the soreness. Although short-term, efforts called "eccentric (jumping from a height important example) can also cause soreness because of the mini trauma muscles.
Cons aches, coaching muscle

You want to avoid aches? If you have done more to sport long, do not suddenly resume physical activity. Go gently at your pace not to rush these muscles usually little demand. Before each meeting sports, take time to warm up. The heat makes it possible to warm the muscle and to gain flexibility. During this preparation phase, the tendons become more elastic and the flow of oxygen in the blood increases. The heat also helps prepare the cardiovascular system to a bigger effort: it is inescapable! After the meeting, think about you gently stretch ...

After the effort, comfort

you've done everything to avoid them but to no avail, aches are here! In this case, think first of all to relax and take a warm bath, ideal for relaxing muscles. A light massage with an analgesic ointment may also relieve you. Finally, in cases of severe pain, the anti-inflammatory painkiller will promptly assist you. However, be sure not to abuse it: These drugs have many cons-indications. Needless especially to do too much: if you are crippled with soreness after your first gym workout, wait several days before you submit...

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